Help You First

We are designing "Help You First" to be plain and simple. Our goal is to help you make positive progress forward on your life's path, by Helping You First, with as little noise as possible.

We will guide you through a short process using existing curated resources to center yourself, then identify today's answers to these important questions:

1) Where do I start when facing today's challenges?

2) What do I do next?

3) How do I feel good and enjoy the process?

The general flow is this: First we briefly mentally center (3 min). Then we move, love and forgive ourselves. Next we prioritize our big goals, then identify small tasks, then take action, then repeat the next day.

Help You First so you can help the world.


This process is a short, simple and magical recipe that facilitates growth, security, self-confidence, and happiness. This process leads you toward new exciting times and onward to your contribution to the world.

Someday we will will charge a small monthly subscription of $5 for maintaining this site because I appreciate having money and because it's worth much more than $5. We won't have advertising because it's noisy. That said, it's free as we develop the site and until we get a paywall set up :)

No need to worry about the backstory, let's focus on you, feeling good, and your next step.

Bookmark this page and come back to it first thing in the morning, in place of a social media or Netflix dose, or just come back when you feel stuck or want to feel good for the right reasons. Please share this resource privately or publicly with whomever you feel comfortable sharing with.